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"The more you listen to Swim in the Wild, it's hard not to be smitten by the vocalist's tympanic rhythms and velvet tongue. Don't miss out!"

- Shutter Magazine: Live Nation Gets Serious About Their Favorite Regional Bands

Swim in the Wild is the Adventure Alternative band of the Carolina's. A new Rock-Folk-Americana fusion with so much East Coast energy that it needs its own identity. SITW is a soundtrack to adventure, an outdoor drama, and a party by nature. Making their splash in the spotlight with their first self titled EP and LP "One if By Land", the Swim Team has highly anticipated the release of "Two if By Sea" in 2021. The latest single "Wants & Needs" is available on all platforms!


Steven Hall (Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Banjo, Lead Writer)

Michael Hall (Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Banjo, Lead Writer)

Cameron "Gersh" Godwin (Bass, Vocals)

Jeff Small (Lead Guitar, Vocals)

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